Quinn Reynolds, Owner & Instructor | Yoga Alliance CertifiedQuinn Reynolds

Owner & Instructor | Yoga Alliance Certified (E-RYT500)

Quinn Reynolds grew up in a family of wrestlers. She spent countless hours watching her brothers’ practice and her dad coach. They were a family of athletes and she was too. She took gymnastics lessons; she took swimming lessons; she took ballet lessons (ask her about them). One day when she was about nine years old and watching yet another intensive wrestling workout she declared that she wanted to sweat, too. No, she did not join the wrestling team. She wanted to learn to play soccer. And so her parents found her a soccer tutor and she spent the next 13 years training and playing soccer year-round including a successful career as a scholarship soccer player for the University of Illinois. The desire to sweat continued, but was never fully satisfied until she stumbled on a hot yoga class.  The discovery of hot yoga transformed her passion for physical and mental well being and she committed to combine it with her athletic expertise and adventurous spirit to bring the benefits to others. Quinn studied under Jacqueline Heisel at Frog Lotus Yoga where she received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher credentials in Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga. She continued her training by completing a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification at Sunstone Yoga under the direction of Nicole Shaw.

Clay Reynolds, Owner, MMA & Wrestling Coach and InstructorClay Reynolds

Owner, Wrestling and MMA Coach & Instructor

Clay Reynolds is a master teacher and successful competitor. He took a second and two firsts in the high school wrestling state championships receiving the tournament most outstanding wrestler his junior year. He was a regional place winner in freestyle wrestling. Clay has competed in Russia and Canada. Clay has studied the sport and knows how to teach technique and competition skills to all age wrestlers. He is knowledgeable in both freestyle and folkstyle wrestling. He is especially adept at teaching the low single series, top position, and the counter to leg wrestling. In addition to training wrestlers, Clay has worked with athletes from soccer and football on speed, functional strength, and quickness. Clay has recently begun training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as he prepares to compete and coach in Mixed Martial Arts. While in Sao Paolo, he received private training from the accomplished fighter and coach, Fabio Gurgel. Clay is passionate about the athletes with whom he works and about getting results. This passion and attention to details will be a trademark as Clay expands his coaching repertoire to include mixed martial arts.

Ty Reynolds, Owner, Wrestling Coach and InstructorTy Reynolds

Owner, Wrestling Coach & Instructor

Ty Reynolds brings years of successful training and competition to the program. He was a Junior World Team Trial runner-up, a Junior Freestyle National Runner-up, Junior Freestyle National 3rd place, and Cadet Freestyle National Champion. Ty was undefeated in high school competition. In addition, he competed for Team USA at the Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic and was named 1st Team Asics Tiger All-America. He was nationally ranked number one his sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school. He spent 2001 as a freestyle wrestling resident at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Joe Williams, World Bronze Medalist, selected Ty as his training partner for the 2001 World Championships. Ty has been a fierce competitor, but also has studied the sport. His understanding of freestyle wrestling coupled with his ability to teach it rivals the best of coaches. He has competed internationally in Japan, Poland, Turkey, and Canada. Ty is intense in both the wrestling room and the weight room where he is familiar with the latest in strength techniques. Ty’s signature intensity transfers to the athletes with whom he works and elevates them to the next level.

Carrie Cline, Yoga instructorCarrie Cline

Instructor | RYT200 Certified

Most of Carrie's formative years were spent around the water. She grew up in Florida where she went to the beach regularly, took swim lessons, attended countless swim team practices, competed in meets, worked at the local pool, and water skied on the weekends during high school. When Carrie started college, she spent less time in the water and began taking yoga classes instead. After moving to North Carolina, Carrie's interest in yoga continued to grow. She took various vinyasa and power yoga classes while pursuing her Master's degree in English at NC State University. Carrie put yoga on hold when she started law school at NC Central University, but she knew something was missing. Soon after passing the Bar, Carrie started looking for a local yoga studio and found Arrichion. She fell in love with the strength and focus that Arrichion's heat builds. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification at Arrichion under Quinn Reynolds.

Cindy Crace, Yoga instructorCindy Crace

Instructor | RYT500 Certified

Cindy grew up in a sports-minded family and was a competitive collegiate tennis player and youth tennis coach. She took a break from competitive athletics to enjoy the "sport" of raising two wonderful sons. She eventually started playing USTA tennis but developed tennis elbow. It progressed to the point of not being able to hold a tennis ball and she started looking for alternatives to surgery or cortisone shots. Her physical therapist recommended a new hot yoga studio that had just opened and she was hooked. It helped cure her tennis elbow, gave her an increased appreciation for holistic wellness, and rejuvenated her old coaching spirit with a desire to teach again. She has a passion for yoga, its healing powers and its continual opportunities for learning. Cindy received her training from Becky Crigger, M.Ed., E-RYT at Body Balance (Williamsburg VA); Dr. Graham Schweig, author of "New Translation of The Bhagavad Gita;" and Susan Walkley, Ph.D. in Anatomy. She received her 200 hours of certification from Yoga Alliance in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, and recently finished her 500 hours with Quinn Reynolds E-RYT. She loves outdoor sports and most weekends you can find her and her husband on Jordon Lake sculling. She's been married for 29 years and they have two grown sons and a zoo of pets.

Anthony Dunbar, Wrestling Coach and InstructorAnthony Dunbar

Wrestling Coach & Instructor

Anthony Dunbar loves the sport of wrestling and it shows in his dedication to coaching and working with young wrestlers. Dunbar wrestled for Cary High School in Raleigh where he was MVP of the high school dual meet tournament. After high school he was a member of the North Carolina State wrestling squad. Dunbar joined the Arrichion coaching staff in 2007 where he has become a diligent student of the Arrichion teaching and coaching system. It is his passion for learning and his devotion to the sport that makes him a great addition to the coaching staff. In addition to wrestling training, Dunbar travelled this summer to Sao Paolo, Brazil with the Arrichion coaching staff where they trained with the famous fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu great, Fabio Gurgel as they prepare to add mixed martial arts to the Arrichion fighting sports offerings.

Lisako Koga, Yoga instructorLisako Koga

Instructor | RYT500 Certified

Lisako is a graphic designer who grew up all over the world in Japan, Brazil, and US. Lisako received a Bachelorís degree from Duke University and recently completed another degree in web development. Her passion has always been anything related to arts/photography and high tech gadgets (she's a die-hard Apple geek) and never thought she'd find something else she'd be passionate about until she was introduced to Arrichion Hot Yoga. She has always been physically active, but had not found any activity that grabbed her attention. She never knew how challenging and awarding yoga could be and was pleasantly surprised by how athletic the classes were at Arrichion. After about a month, she was hooked and can not go a week without the HEAT! She feels that she is in the best shape of her life and feels happier and at peace. What she enjoys most about Arrichion is the friendly and supportive atmosphere. She was She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification here at Arrichion under Quinn Reynolds.

Alyssa Levy, Yoga instructorAlyssa Levy

Instructor | RYT500 Certified

As long as Alyssa can remember, sports have always been a part of her life. Both of her grandparents were phys ed teachers and coaches, so she has always been pushed to give everything her all and to never give up on her. She has always loved to be active and have fun so once she found Arrichion, she had found her perfect match. Since Arrichion, her life has definitely changed for the better. Her mood and energy had improved instantly. Arrichion has given her the perfect balance in my life, and she can definitely say that she will be practicing until she is physically incapable. Alyssa is currently a full time student at UNC Charlotte studying nursing. She obtained her CNA over Summer 2010, and have taken workshops with yogi, Erich Schiffmann. She would love to pursue a career in holistic medicine once she graduates, incorporating the techniques she has learned at Arrichion Hot Yoga and her own personal practice. She is always on the go, whether studying, teaching, or hanging out with her friends, she likes to make everything fun in her life.

Joni McShane, Yoga instructorJoni McShane

Instructor | RYT500 Certified

A few weeks after training and running her first (and last) half marathon, Joni woke up with excruciating pain that radiated down her entire left arm. It debilitated her for a week. Tests showed she had three herniated discs in her neck. She was medically advised to refrain from running any longer. Her doctor also advised against lifting weights for fear of exacerbating her condition. So Joni sought out alternative ways she could maintain a challenging workout that would not compromise her condition. Enter hot yoga, Arrichion that is. A few days after Arrichionís grand opening in March 2009, Joni attended her first hot yoga class and hasnít stopped. She feels sheís in better shape now than she has ever been in her entire life! All thanks to a lot of sweat and Arrichion. Joni received a Bachelorís degree from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification here at Arrichion under the tutelage of Quinn Reynolds.

Keeley Stevens, Yoga instructorKeeley Stevens

Instructor | RYT200 Certified

Mental strength is no stranger to Keeley. Having earned her Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees in Physics, she's spent hours perfecting the technology of time manipulation, allowing her to simultaneously pursue her Ph.D. research in experimental cryogenic nanotribology at North Carolina State University and teach as part of the team at Arrichion. Let's face it, you can't always have your nose in the books. For five years, she pursued competitive ballroom dance, but after a number of partnerships dissolved and the fun got danced straight out of it, she moved on. It was love at first savasana in the Arrichion heat; the physical strength and focus has benefitted every facet of her life. She currently dances west coast swing socially, cooks a mean paleo feast, and tries not to be a stereotypical mad scientist.

Titus Tard, Yoga instructorTitus Tard

Instructor | RYT500 Certified

The epitome of strength through focus. He focused his efforts on running track; it brought him from Trenton, NJ to Raleigh’s St. Augustine’s College. There were no hurdles too high; he excelled at St. Aug’s and moved on to compete on the professional level for the Long Island Executive Track Club where he is coached by the accomplished Valmore Holt. Ever looking for a competitive advantage, Titus decided to try Arrichion Hot Yoga. His performance in track improved— breathing control, focus, flexibility. Yoga became part of Titus’ training regimen and he became the first student to complete Arrichion’s teacher training program. At Arrichion Raleigh, you may see him pacing in focus while preparing for teaching a yoga class (athletes know the value of focused pre-competition activities) or high on an adrenaline rush after teaching an awesome group of students (they also know the joy of victory). Titus—teacher of preschoolers, teacher of yoga students, competitive athlete—strength through focus at its best.